African Stripes
(Timbavati Zebra) VIEW

Original 18x24 Oil on Canvas  $6500
Canvas Giclee 18x24   $325
Please call to order  214-649-6913


I first saw this plains zebra in the Timbavati Private Game Reserve in South Africa just as the sun was setting.  This enchanting zebra was basking in that warm afternoon sunlight and his stripes glistened as he looked me in the eyes.  I wanted to portray the intensity in his eyes as well as the warmth and illumination of those beautiful African Stripes!  NEILL 

About Giclee Editions on Canvas:

Giclee (pronounced Zhee-KLAY) is a sophisticated, cutting-edge reproduction process which provides for the highest quality fine art presentation of an original painting on canvas with rich long lasting color.  Giclee Editions are shipped as rolled canvases in appropriate mailing tubes or triangular boxes. *Certain Giclee Editions are expressed as Kubwa (Swahili word for Large canvas size) and Dogo (Swahili word for Small canvas size).