(Cheetah) VIEW

Original Oil on Canvas 30x40 $14500
Canvas Giclee 24x36 (45 signed & numbered) $385
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This particular Serengeti cheetah had a running buddy, perhaps his brother, close by.  We observed the two of them lying about totally relaxed until they winded a herd of Thompson’s gazelles (Tommies) just over the hill.  Immediately the cheetahs went into stalking mode patiently playing off of each other until they determined the herd was too far away for a kill.  They slipped right back into lying down and relaxing mode.  This fellow then eased his way over to the watering hole for a drink.     NEILL

About Limited Edition and Open Edition Giclees on Canvas:

Giclee (pronounced Zhee-KLAY) is a sophisticated, cutting-edge reproduction process which provides for the highest quality fine art presentation of an original painting on canvas with rich long lasting color.Limited Editions (signed and numbered) and Open Editions are shipped as rolled canvases in appropriate mailing tubes or triangular boxes. *Certain Limited Editions are expressed as Kubwa (Swahili word for Large canvas size) and Dogo (Swahili word for Small canvas size).